This grand little lady is 6 years old. Her name is MiMi. Her mom was unable to keep her because of a debilitating illness. She is sweet as the day is long... just hangs out with volunteers and lets folks walk right up and pet her. She would NOT be suitable for small children, for her sake, not theirs. This grand dame deserves a loving home, not unlike the loving home she left in this the next chapter of her life. We have tried to pair her but she becomes very scared so now she has a stuffed baby that will accompany her to her new home and this next chapter of her life. Mimi does NOT like other girls and runs in terror from them. She is afraid to be dominated by them and really does not know how to react to other females except in fear. She is a perfect pick for a very loving guinea pig who wants to be a single. Not available for adoption for or by kids under 14.

Please complete the preadoption form located at our website

We can not make an appointment for adoption, just want to see who we have for adoption, or visit about guinea pigs... until you have been approved. Applications are processed in most cases in hours. You will receive an email that we have gotten your form and a second notice if you have been approved or not.

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